Content Partners

Maximize the value of your content and expand your audience!

Video On Demand
  • Stream your content to millions of monthly users.
  • Responsive website seamlessly delivering content to phones, tablets, desktops, Smart TVs, Gaming systems and more!
  • Merchandize your content though VOD Pay Per Minute, Subscription Streaming, Rentals, Scene Downloads and Complete Downloads maximizing your returns.
  • Content flawlessly streamed to the all Chromecast devices.
  • Content up to 4K resolution.
  • Hand curated publish dates to maximize title performance for max returns.
  • No cost to you, all you need to do is send us your content.
VOD Stats

Exclusive VOD stats created for our content partners by our content partners! With the assistance of our valued content partners, we've developed exclusive stats and trends data assisting our partners in future production, box art, cast, and niche decisions honing in on future growth of their brand.

Not sure what star or scene in your latest movie was the top performer?
We provide our partners with powerful stats like "Events by Title" at their fingertips displaying play events at the scene level with accompanied scene information like Sex Acts, Stars, and more so you know what scene was the top performer in a specific movie!

Not sure if your movie is actively live for streaming or when it will go live?
With our "Title Status" stats you can view your entire catalog of films with publication dates, studio brand, activity status and more.

Quick Stats Dashboard!
When partners log into their web portal of stats they are greeted with a Quick Stats Dashboard displaying LIVE recent user searches, promotions for the week, top trending stars, and quick stats on your content for the month.

These are just a few examples of the many reporting stats we offer outside the normal payout by title, monthly earned revenue, and other basic reports others in the industry provide. All our stats are fully exportable or print on the fly and is completely mobile friendly for when you're on the go!

Anti-Piracy Initiative

We know that your content is valuable, and piracy is a problem that hurts everyone in our industry. To assist our Content Partners in protecting their assets from illegal distribution, AEBN has partnered with Digi-Regs, the leading anti-piracy solution on the market. AEBN now offers Digi-Regs "digital fingerprinting" service as part of our encoding workflow ... free of charge. For partners that do not have an existing account with Digi-Regs, we will also help you set up an introductory basic tier account to monitor and secure all your assets with DigiRegs content protection services.

Subscription Platforms

Generate additional revenue by including your content on our subscription platforms! Extend the life cycle of your content and increase revenue earning potential with AEBN's subscription streaming services X-Pass and our sister site Naked Sword.

X-Pass (AEBN's new subscription streaming service) is specifically designed to increase users' discovery and engagement with your older content, while also promoting upsells to your new and premium content on our VOD platform.

Naked Sword "the Netflix of gay porn", is the premier subscription site for the best gay content on the web.

*If you would like your content included in one or both of our subscription platforms or would like more info, please contact your AEBN Content Rep for assistance.

Broadcasting Services

Align Broadcast, an AEBN sister company launched its cable and satellite division in 2013. We've assembled a broadcast sales team with over 35 years of combined experience in transactional TV distribution, programming and research. Our client oriented category management philosophy focuses on optimizing revenue through extensive, proprietary data. Align digs deep to provide our operators with crucial information shaped by consumption trends, performance reports, unique analysis and the follow-up support. This data helps our team seek out and only acquire content that is trending in sales on all platforms in real-time!

Our passionate and proactive team is poised to deliver content efficiently and reliably. With products in over 40 million households worldwide available through the top 100 cable, DBS and telco operators, AEBN/Align is the preferred broadcasting partner.

Maximize the value of your content and expand your audience!